Why did you learn English | calculation the Value

 English has fewer native speakers than either Mandarin or Spanish. So why is it seen as the defector world language? Maybe it's Hollywood movie or maybe it's colonialism, but one thing we know for sure is that despite having fewer native speakers, it's compulsory for students to learn English in most countries.

English has almost a billion non-native speakers, making it easily the world's most widely understood language. And as the world and business become increasingly more global, being able to understand everybody else without the barrier of translation matters.


In fact, a world bank study published in Forbes in 2010, found that people who can speak English earn up to 34% more than people who don't. The article was titled, it pays to speak English. And that's certainly true at Crossover where people can earn two or three times more than local.

But some level of English is required for every role. Now it won't be that way forever. Some of the really cool things we're seeing in the world of AI are happening in this space. It's already possible to hold your phone up, to assign Burton another language and see a real time translation through augmented reality.

It won't be long before the software that powers our emails, chats and conversations will be smart enough to translate in real time.

Technology will make the art of translating one language into another.

So seamless, the thought of doing it manually will seem quaint.

We'll be able to communicate perfectly with anyone in the world without even knowing if we have a language in common. Here at Crossover, we can't wait for that day to come, but until then, our model does need everyone to share a common language and English makes the most.

If you're thinking of applying for a job, though, don't let the English test put you off different roles, require different levels. Many don't need you to be a fluent speaker just to prove you can do the job. So it pays to give the test a shot and see how you get on.

If you don't meet the grade yet, you can spend time brushing up and then take it again in six months. If you do, there's no telling how many doors it'll open. 

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